Why Does Your House Have Its Own Smell

        Building Materials:  The materials used in the construction of a house, such as wood, paint, carpet,    

   Occupants:  The people living in a house contribute significantly to its smell. Body odors, personal      

 Food and Cooking:  The types of food cooked regularly in a home leave lingering odors. Spices, cooking oils    

      Pets:  Pets have their own distinct smells, which can permeate the house. The type and number of pets 

 Cleaning Products:  The cleaning products and air fresheners used in a home contribute their fragrances  

 Furniture and Fabrics:  Upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, and bedding all absorb and emit odors.            

 Ventilation:  How well a house is ventilated affects its smell. Houses with good airflow may have fresher smells    

 Humidity and Climate:  The climate and humidity levels where the house is located can influence its smell.       

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