Wendy's Famous Chili Is Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

The days of exclusively buying fast food from chains are over. Fast-food chain staples like White Castle's sliders and Chick-fil-A's sauce are at grocery stores

Another popular item is hitting grocery shelves. According to Instagram user @snackolator, Conagra Brands

announced Wendy's chili's grocery store debut at the 2023 Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference.

"What do you think of having Wendy's chili anytime at home?," @snackolator captioned the post. Over 100 Instagram comments show

that many social media users are excited about the news. "This idea has me hooked. One user remarked, "Excited 😊". "My world

has been forever changed," someone else said. One Instagrammer said the product is "already on the shelves" at a neighboring Kroger.

Not everyone liked this new supermarket product. A user asked, "Why? Too tasteless and watery. There are better Wendy's store things." 

Wendy's chili is on Instacart, but it hasn't announced a grocery store release. Wendy's was contacted by Eat This, Not That!

In an email, Conagra Brands manager of brand relations Caitlin Davy said further information will be provided "closer to the national launch."

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