The First Things People Notice About Your Front Yard


Lawn Condition The state of your grass and its maintenance level is often the first thing people notice.


Landscaping The overall design and arrangement of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers make a significant impact.


Entryway The entrance to your home, including the pathway, front door, porch, and any decorations or furniture


Color and Contrast Bold or contrasting colors, whether in flowers, mulch, or decorative elements, can attract attention


Cleanliness and Organization: A tidy appearance with minimal clutter is appealing. Well-kept walkways and clearly defined borders


Lighting Especially in the evening, exterior lighting fixtures or well-placed solar lights can highlight architectural features.


Maintenance Signs of regular maintenance, such as trimmed bushes, weeded flower beds, and clean windows, indicate pride


Unique Features Distinctive elements like a fountain, sculpture, or unique plant arrangements can make your front yard memorable.

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