The Best "Luxury" Items at Walmart That Really Aren't—But Look Great

        Decorative Mirrors:  Large, ornate mirrors can create the illusion of space and add a sophisticated   

   Throw Pillows and Blankets:  Look for plush, textured pillows and stylish blankets that mimic high-end fabrics.     

  Accent Chairs:  Sleek, modern chairs with faux leather or velvet upholstery can serve as statement pieces.   

       Cookware Sets:  Non-stick cookware sets with copper or stainless steel finishes look high-end and perform well.

   Sheet Sets:  High-thread-count sheets in neutral tones or with subtle patterns can provide a hotel-like experience.

 Duvet Covers:  Look for covers with embroidery or made from materials like Egyptian cotton.           

Dinner Sets:  Porcelain or stoneware dinner sets with modern designs can make your dining table look upscale.    

Framed Prints and Canvases:  Large-scale art pieces or sets of smaller prints can create a gallery wall effect.       

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