The Best Grocery Store Cakes According to a Professional Baker


Costco is often praised for its large and affordable sheet cakes with a variety of flavors.

Sam's Club:

Similar to Costco, Sam's Club offers bulk-sized cakes that are known for their value and taste.


Publix supermarkets are well-regarded for their bakery department, offering a range of delicious cakes.

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods Market focuses on natural and organic ingredients, providing options for those seeking a more health-conscious cake.

Trader Joe's:

Trader Joe's offers unique and seasonal cake options, and their bakery section is known for quality.


Wegmans is often praised for its extensive bakery selection, including cakes with diverse flavors and styles.


Target's in-house brand, Market Pantry, offers a variety of cakes that are budget-friendly and generally well-received.


Kroger's Private Selection brand provides a range of gourmet cakes with premium ingredients.


Safeway's Signature Select line includes various cakes, and their bakery is known for producing quality products.


H-E-B supermarkets, particularly in Texas, are known for their bakery department and a variety of delicious cakes.