Starbucks Refreshers Will Now Cost $1 Extra

Starbucks' Refreshers beverages may cost extra this summer if you were going to escape the heat. The restaurant has confirmed that "no

water" personalization on its Instagram-worthy beverages, such as Strawberry Açaí and Mango Dragonfruit, will now incur an additional charge.

"Starting May 9, Starbucks Refreshers Beverages customized with no water will cost $1 more due to extra ingredients," a spokesman stated. 

This update allows us to offer a more uniform personalization experience, akin to adding an espresso shot or syrup, which cost extra. 

A typical Refresher blends water and flavored drink base. A no-water modification gives customers more Refresher foundation for a stronger flavor. 

Late this month, rumors circulated that the coffee company will charge for no-water orders and Refreshers with light or no ice. Starbucks didn't confirm

Starbucks may make a lot of money from every Refresher without water. The business previously attributed $1

Starbucks would benefit significantly from the upcharge, but many consumers are furious that they'll pay for the formerly free customisation.

"Like it isn't expensive enough as is," a commenter commented on an April TikTok video on the unconfirmed upcharge rumors.

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