Signs you are drinking too much water

 Frequent Urination:  If you find yourself needing to urinate very often, even waking up multiple times during the            

 Clear Urine:  While clear urine is often associated with good hydration, excessively clear urine can indicate                 

 Constant Thirst:  Paradoxically, drinking too much water can sometimes make you feel even thirstier

 Swelling or Edema:  Drinking excessive amounts of water can lead to swelling, especially in the hands, feet                                                

 Electrolyte Imbalance:  Consuming too much water without replenishing electrolytes can throw off the balance                                          

Nausea and Vomiting:  Overhydration can sometimes cause nausea and vomiting, as the body struggles         

 Headaches:  Drinking too much water can dilute the concentration of electrolytes in your bloodstream,          

  Fatigue:  Electrolyte imbalances resulting from excessive water intake can cause fatigue or weakness.

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