PepsiCo Is Changing the Recipe of Pepsi Zero Sugar

The original zero-sugar Pepsi is gone. The drink won't disappear—it's got a new, better flavor.

In a recent news release, PepsiCo revealed that its Pepsi Zero Sugar recipe has been improved with a "new sweetener system" for a "more refreshing and bolder taste profile".

Food Dive reports that the latest Pepsi has the same caffeine as regular Pepsi and no ginseng. The recipe adjustment comes as consumers try to cut sugar, the site reported.

Pepsi said consumer preference testing indicated the new Pepsi Zero Sugar "outpaces the old formula across the board." The soda giant said

consumers stated the new soft drink is more refreshing, flavorful, smooth, and has a "real cola taste."

In the news release, Pepsi's chief marketing officer, Todd Kaplan, said, "Our R&D team leveraged the best new beverage technology to

upgrade our Pepsi Zero Sugar product to give fans the best tasting cola in the zero-sugar category." "The product is truly a breakthrough as it is the best zero sugar cola we've ever had

CNN found Pepsi Zero Sugar to be inferior to Coke Zero Sugar. Pepsi's zero-sugar drink made up less than 1% of soda sales, while Coke's made up roughly 4%.

Pepsi will run multiple ads to promote its new release, including national TV spots during the NFL playoffs and a new Super Bowl campaign

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