Nail Rubbing For Hair Growth

 Rub the Nails:  Rub the fingernails of both hands against each other vigorously, excluding the thumbnails.          

 Stimulates Blood Circulation:  Proponents suggest that rubbing the nails together stimulates blood flow     

 Activates Nerve Endings:  The nail beds are connected to the scalp, and rubbing them is believed to activate    

       Balances Hormones:  It is believed to help in balancing hormones, which can contribute to reducing hair fall

 Lack of Scientific Evidence:  There is limited scientific research to support the claims that nail rubbing

                Alternative Explanations:  Any improvement in hair health observed by individuals could be attributed

 Avoid Overdoing:  Excessive rubbing can cause damage to the nails or the skin around them.

 Consult a Doctor:  If you have underlying health conditions or severe hair loss, it is important to consult a healthcare           

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