Global Top 9 Dangerous Places


Because Hawaii's Big Island is a popular honeymoon destination, its hazard may surprise you.


This Mexican beach resort on the Pacific coast is no longer a white-sand party destination.

Israel and the Middle East

The neighborhood is risky because of the recent violence and instability surrounding the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

IBorneo, Malaysian Borneo

This Malay Archipelago island in Southeast Asia boasts stunning beaches, a verdant rainforest, and leopards and orangutans.


Madagascar has a lower crime rate than the rest of Africa. Political upheaval, on the other hand, has increased unemployment, which leads to robberies and muggings.

Egypt, Cairo

Cairo is the world's most unsafe city for women. Even while political tensions are easing, sexual violence and cultural expectations make this place difficult for residents and visitors.


Much of the Philippines is safe, except beaches, due to an increase in kidnappings.

The City of Guatemala

Avoid because to political tensions, poverty, drug trafficking, carjacking, and armed robbery.


Violence is everywhere in Yemen.Tourist destinations, buses, trains, retail malls, and other public spaces are threatened by bombs and armed conflict because terrorist groups plot and execute assaults.