Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

Use boiled potatoes. Starches contain glycoalkaloids, which can disrupt digestion.


These legumes contain cyanide-forming linamarin. Lima beans are safe to eat after cooking.

Lima beans

Raw eating four or five of these can be harmful. Red kidney beans contain lectins, which might upset your stomach. This is destroyed during cooking.

Red kidney beans

Most store mushrooms are OK to eat raw, while wild mushrooms should be cooked.

A wild mushroom

Raw eggs can make you sick. Salmonella germs may contaminate them. Only thorough cooking can make them safe to eat.


Raw cassava, like lima beans, contains hazardous cyanide levels.


Raw berries aren't for everyone. Elderberries should be cooked before eating. These contain toxic glycoside, which turns into cyanite.


Campylobacter, clostridium perfringens, and salmonella can cause food poisoning if poultry, pork, and ground beef are not cooked properly.

Chicken, pork, and beef