Drinking 3 Cups of Coffee Daily May Harm Your Kidneys

When you drink coffee, you may be more concerned about how fast it wakes you up than its health effects. That's entirely understandable. 

Who doesn't appreciate the coffee rush that wakes you up and moves you? Beyond that, drinking coffee daily may have unanticipated side

effects, some positive and some bad. A recent study suggests that drinking three or more cups of coffee daily may damage your kidneys.

JAMA Network Open released a study of 1,180 adults aged 18–45 with untreated stage 1 hypertension. The 16-year research was followed up

within seven and a half years to check on participation. The study looked for hyperfiltration, albuminuria, and hypertension, all indicators of renal failure and kidney disease.

After reviewing the results, they found that half of the subjects had the rs762551 mutation of the CYP1A2 gene, which slows caffeine

metabolism. They also showed that people who metabolized caffeine slowly were 2.7 times more likely to develop renal impairment if they

drank three cups or more per day. They had 2.5 times the risk of hyperfiltration, 2.7 times the risk of albuminuria, and 2.8 times the risk of hypertension.

"This implicates caffeine, specifically, as the component in coffee that can damage the kidneys," said study main author Dr. Sara Mahdavi

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