Domino's Pizza Is Losing Customers Due to Recent Price Hikes

You were right about Domino's becoming costly nowadays. Customers are taking note as the world's largest pizza company raises prices to battle increasing food

How much have Domino's pricing risen? In October, chain officials expected a 7% price increase

in Q4 2022. Domino's was approached to confirm if fourth-quarter price increases matched that projection.

Domino's raised prices and made other modifications to their most popular offers in 2022, which upset customers. In March 2022, the

chain boosted its Mix & Match delivery deal from $5.99 to $6.99. It raised the Mix and Match deal price for carryout orders in October.

Domino's renowned $7.99 carryout bargain for pizza, dip, bread, or wings was also altered.

Domino's reduced the deal's wings from 10 to eight without raising the price. It now only offers one pizza topping in the carryout package,

down from three. The chain restricted this discount to internet orders, excluding in-person and phone orders.

As expected, customers disliked these adjustments. "Unfortunately it's now cheaper for me to buy my favorite frozen pizza than a Domino's

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