Costco's Popular Christmas Cookies Are Back

Costco's most popular Christmas bakery item is returning, but a huge tweak is some customers upset.

This week, Costco-themed Instagram account @costcobuys posted about finding the beloved Holiday 

Cookies at the warehouse. Costco's holiday cookie assortments have been a holiday classic for years, delighting shoppers. 

But @costcobuys noted that the company had changed the returned item this year. This year's variety has 30 cookies for $9.99, compared to

44 for $13.99 last year. Customers will receive fewer cookies and pay extra per cookie this year. That's 33 cents a cookie for this year's $9.99

Compared to 2021, when Costco sold 42 cookies for $9.99, the difference is considerably greater. 

There are just three cookie flavors this year: Powdered Brownie Walnut, Toffee Sandies, and Holiday Candy cookies with chocolate chips and

colored candies. Previous holiday cookie plates included five flavors that changed each year. Cookie flavors in 2021 were Lemon

Shortbread, Iced Ginger Molasses, Coconut Almond Chocolate, Powdered Brownie Walnut, and Holiday Candy.

Customers desiring holiday baked goodies have many more options at the retailer. Costco shoppers have seen a new Black Forest Bar Cake and Mini 

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