Costco's New Food Court Dessert Is the "Best Ice Cream Ever"

Costco patrons were thrilled to learn that the food court would get a new dessert. Since the long-awaited dessert is finally available in Costco food courts

Strawberry ice cream, a fruity alternative to Costco's vanilla cups and sundaes, is a hit. An apparent official document detailing the

anticipated food court addition emerged on Reddit in July, informing Costco shoppers of the dessert plans.

After a month, warehouses received the ice cream a few days ago, allowing members to try it. The verdict?

According to one member, the ice cream tastes like strawberry Nesquick milk. Another tester called it "creamy" and thought the strawberry

Costco customers can order glasses of this light pink frozen dessert or try various intriguing versions. Redditors who sampled the ice cream

said you may get strawberry vanilla swirls or make a sundae using Costco's strawberry or chocolate toppings. The shop charges $1.99 for ice cream

In 2023, Costco's food court has added strawberry ice cream and more. The shop pleased customers in May by bringing back chicken Caesar salad and sliced onion condiment.

Costco recently introduced a large roast beef sandwich and mango smoothie, previously exclusively available in Hawaii and other international locations

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