Color Updates to Make Your Home Feel More Expensive

        Emerald Green:  This deep green adds a sophisticated and bold statement, perfect for living rooms and dining areas.  

     Warm Beige:  A classic and timeless color that creates a cozy and upscale ambiance in any room.  

 Greige (Gray + Beige):  Combines the warmth of beige with the sophistication of gray, versatile for any room  

         Deep Charcoal – This dark gray color adds depth and a modern, sleek look to spaces like living rooms or home offices. 

   Alabaster White:  A creamy white that offers a clean and airy feel, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

 Rich Navy – A deep navy blue can make a space feel grand and elegant, particularly in dining rooms and bedrooms.          

 Pale Pink:  Adds a touch of sophistication and warmth without being overpowering, great for bedrooms  

 Terracotta:  Adds warmth and a grounded feel, perfect for living rooms and entryways.    

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