Breakfast Burrito Taste Test: Taco Bell, McDonald's, & Burger King

When you hear Mexican-inspired fast food, you think Taco Bell. There are over 7,700 locations in the US, so there may be one near you. For a

quick hand-held breakfast, try a cheese tortilla. Obviously, you'd go to Taco Bell for a breakfast burrito if you're craving one. 

I performed the hard work for you because it's hard to risk on a great meal in a new environment. I compared McDonald's Sausage Burrito,

All three are widely available, but only one has the ideal tortilla, cheese, and meat mix to offer you a pleasant morning boost. Find out which breakfast burrito 

Taco Bell offers several morning burritos. My family and I chose Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito With Sausage since it included great components.

Look: Taco Bell should know burritos, right? The burrito looked better at first. It was the only flat-top-grilled piece that appeared plump and full. 

Taste: The burrito had a huge bite with fluffy scrambled egg, but otherwise was disappointing. It's big yet flavorless. Everything was bland,

Sausage Burritos are fantastic hand-held alternatives to McD's breakfast sandwiches. It's smaller than the other two burritos but cheaper

Looking at them, these are smaller than the other two but can be grasped with one hand. The inside was stuffed with soft eggs, creamy cheese

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