BJ's Is Giving Away Free Butterball Turkeys

To get a free turkey this November, start making your Thanksgiving shopping list. Having the grandest, most significant supper of the year

This season, BJ's wholesale club is giving away free Butterball turkeys as usual. How it works: A digital coupon for a free fresh or frozen entire

Butterball turkey when spending $150 in-club or online at BJ's is available from Wednesday, November 1 until Thursday, November 9.

Starting Saturday, November 11, the free turkey coupon can be claimed until Wednesday, November 22, the day before Thanksgiving. Buying a frozen turkey 

Translation: Redeem your free turkey by the weekend before Thanksgiving to avoid baking a half-frozen bird on Thursday.

All BJ's members must have a digital account to add the free turkey deal online or in the app before shopping to apply the $150 incentive,

Before November 9, buy weekly groceries and holiday nonperishables: Stuffing mix, canned veggies, cranberry sauce, crispy onions, flour,

butter, eggs, potatoes, cream (don't open it!), beverages, and anything else won't spoil in the fridge before the holiday! Try making a list of all

the foods you want to cook, break down the ingredients, and shop from there. This will help you organize, find deals, and avoid overspending.

At BJ's, a Butterball Premium Whole Frozen All Natural Young Turkey, which can weigh 16-24 lbs (remember, you're buying at least a pound

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