As a Brit who spent years living in America, these are 10 things that are better across the pond

Many individuals feel that customer service in the United States is more attentive, friendly, and efficient, with a stronger focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

America is often praised for its diverse culinary scene, offering a wide range of international cuisines and innovative food trends.

Variety of Food Options

Some people believe that certain goods and services, such as electronics, groceries, and dining out, are more affordable in the United States compared to the UK.

Lower Prices

The United States is known for its spacious homes and apartments, often offering more square footage compared to UK counterparts.

Large Living Spaces

From drive-thru services to extended store hours, some individuals appreciate the convenience and efficiency of various services and establishments in the United States.

Convenience and Efficiency

American retailers and businesses are often seen as offering more generous rewards and incentives through loyalty programs, providing additional value to customers.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Many people admire the passionate sports culture in America, with its robust leagues, large stadiums, and widespread participation and support.

Sports Culture

Some individuals view the United States as a land of opportunities for entrepreneurship, with a supportive business environment and a thriving startup culture.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurship