8 Routines for Those Who Are Well-Ordered

Nighttime departures become morning realities. Straighten cushions and throws—you'll appreciate a clean room in the morning.

They make the living room look nice

Clear workstations, dining room table, and kitchen countertops for tomorrow's start.

They clean frequently used surfaces.

Empty the sink or remove overflowing trash bags. Then you can start the day without unfinished work.

They finish tasks

Expect the morning rush, so prepare. So you can grab and go in the morning, pack work, gym, and school bags.

They prepare for the day

Tripping over shoes at night is the worst, so sweep the hallways before turning out the lights.

Nothing is left on the floor

Put them back in the closet or drawer instead of on a chair. Too tired? Even hooking them to air helps.

Putting clean clothes away

They make sure the family does! We know you'll put your clothes away at night, but making sure everyone else does should make mornings easier.

Dirty clothing go in the laundry basket

It decreases morning stress and the likelihood of not finding that finishing touch.

 They prepare tomorrow's clothes