7 Unique Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Opt for a Moravian star made of metal or paper. These geometric stars add a touch of elegance and come in various sizes and finishes.

1. Moravian Star Tree Topper

Select angel wings adorned with gold or silver leaf for a celestial and ethereal tree topper. This elegant choice adds a touch of heavenly charm.

2. Gilded Angel Wings

Choose a vintage-inspired tree topper with radiating spokes and a central light. This classic design adds a timeless and glamorous touch to your tree.

3. Vintage Radiance Tree Topper

Create a rustic tree topper using birch branches or twigs to form a star shape. This natural and handmade touch complements a woodland or rustic theme.

4. Rustic Birch Star

Use a peacock feather arrangement as a tree topper for a luxurious and vibrant look. The iridescent feathers create a stunning focal point.

5. Feathered Peacock Tree Topper

Craft a burst of flowers using faux or dried blooms attached to a wire frame. This DIY topper adds a whimsical and bohemian touch to your tree.

6. DIY Floral Burst Tree Topper

Choose a large, illuminated snowflake as your tree topper. The glowing effect creates a magical and wintery ambiance.

7. Glowing Snowflake Burst