7 plants that prevent weeds in your yard

This low-growing herbaceous plant forms a dense mat that suppresses weed growth while producing attractive flowers and a pleasant fragrance.

Creeping Thyme

Clover is a nitrogen-fixing plant that can help improve soil fertility while crowding out weeds. It has a dense growth habit and is relatively low maintenance.


Crown vetch is a vigorous ground cover plant with deep-rooted rhizomes. It spreads quickly and effectively competes with weeds, making it ideal for erosion control as well.

Crown Vetch

The sprawling growth habit of sweet potato vine can cover bare ground, preventing weed growth. It is also known for its ornamental foliage, which adds visual interest to your yard.

Sweet Potato Vine

These shade-tolerant plants have broad leaves that provide dense ground cover, limiting sunlight availability for weed germination. Hostas come in a variety of sizes and leaf colors, making them popular in landscaping.


Ferns are shade-loving plants that can form a lush ground cover, suppressing weed growth in areas with low light conditions. They add a touch of natural beauty to your yard.


Pachysandra is a tough, low-maintenance ground cover plant that spreads quickly, forming a dense carpet. It thrives in shaded areas and effectively outcompetes weeds.


Liriope, also known as lilyturf, is an evergreen grass-like plant that forms clumps and spreads by underground rhizomes. It can effectively choke out weeds while providing attractive foliage and occasional flowers.