7 Ideas to Decorate Your House With Old Christmas Lights

Framed Garlands

Frame your doors or windows with strings of Christmas lights to create a welcoming and festive entrance.

Luminous bottles

Transform empty bottles into luminous lamps by inserting lights inside, adding a charming glow to any corner.

Wall trees

Create Christmas trees on the wall with lights, providing a modern touch and saving space. Use cone-shaped adhesive tape to design the shape of the tree.

Bright curtains

Turn your windows or room dividers into bright curtains with hanging lights, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Luminous paintings

Highlight your favourite artwork or photographs by incorporating lighting into the picture frame. Uses slim LED lights to prevent overheating.

Jar lamps

Create hanging lamps with glass jars filled with lights, providing soft and cosy lighting. Decorate the jars with lace or ribbons for a vintage touch. Make sure the jars are securely fastened.

Outdoor lights

Beautify your garden or balcony by stringing lights around branches or railings, creating a magical space at night.

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