6 Beloved Burger Chains in America That Went Out of Business

Since White Castle introduced us to perfectly minced meat patties on tiny buns more than a century ago, we've been obsessed with quick-service burgers.

Since, many burger giants have emerged (and burgers have grown). McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's have shown their longevity by dominating the burger sector.

Sandy's Drive-In was famous for legendary burgers before McDonald's swept over America and the world. The joint launched its first store in

1956 and expanded to 121 outlets in five states in 10 years, according to The Travel. Despite its peak popularity, Sandy's Drive-In was

purchased out and 90% of its sites were taken over by Hardees, another rising burger brand.

In 1979, Sandy's in Muscatine, Iowa closed and became a Hardee's. Although 70s customers still mourn Sandy's Drive-In, they've created a Facebook page in its honor.

In the 1950s, drive-ins are popular. Chicago's Bressler's Ice Cream Company, which sells 33 flavors, seeks to enter fast food.

Burger Chef opened in 1957 and expanded to over 1,000 stores in 15 years. Its 1,200 locations were second only to McDonald's 1,600 in 1972.

NFL Hall of Famer Gino Marchetti founded this Mid-Atlantic burger company in 1957, which was a regional powerhouse in the 1960s.

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