20 Things That Boomers Love That Are Really Hard for Us To Understand

Fax Machines

Baby Boomers often have a strong attachment to fax machines for sending and receiving documents, while younger generations primarily rely on digital communication and email.

Landline Phones

 Boomers may prefer using traditional landline phones at home, while younger generations predominantly use smartphones for their communication needs.

Physical Maps

Boomers often have a knack for reading and navigating with physical maps, whereas younger generations rely on GPS and digital maps on their smartphones.

Cable TV

 Baby Boomers may still be fond of traditional cable TV packages, while younger generations prefer streaming services and on-demand content.

Print Newspapers

Boomers tend to enjoy reading physical newspapers, whereas younger generations get their news from online sources and social media.

Email Signatures

Baby Boomers sometimes use long and elaborate email signatures, including quotes, titles, and multiple contact details, which younger generations may find excessive.

Formal Letters

Boomers may appreciate the art of formal letter-writing, whereas younger generations prefer quick communication through text messages and social media platforms.

Physical Photo Albums

Boomers often cherish physical photo albums, whereas younger generations store and share photos digitally through smartphones and social media.