11 Things Europeans Do That Americans Find Really Weird

Eating smaller portion sizes

Europeans are often known for consuming smaller portion sizes compared to Americans, who are accustomed to larger servings.

Embracing longer vacations

Europeans typically enjoy longer vacation periods, including extended summer breaks, while Americans often have shorter vacation time and fewer public holidays.

Prioritizing public transportation

Europeans tend to rely more on public transportation systems, such as trains and buses, while Americans often heavily depend on private vehicles for commuting.

Using the metric system

Europeans use the metric system for measurements, including Celsius for temperature, kilometers for distance, and kilograms for weight, which can differ from the imperial system used in the United States.

Dining etiquette

 Europeans often take their time during meals, savoring each course and engaging in lively conversations. In contrast, American dining experiences may feel faster-paced.

Multiple-course meals 

Europeans commonly enjoy multi-course meals, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts, whereas Americans may opt for a simpler single-course meal. 

Preference for sparkling water

Europeans frequently consume sparkling water as a popular choice, while Americans tend to prefer still or tap water.

Walking or biking for daily commuting

Europeans often incorporate walking or biking into their daily routines, particularly in urban areas, whereas Americans may rely more on cars even for short distances.