10 Wildly Overpriced Fast Food Chains You Shouldn’t Waste Money On


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Newsweek reports that McDonald’s menu prices have increased by over 140% in the last five years. Among the highest price hikes was the basic cheeseburger, which skyrocketed 215% in price.


Your wallet and stomach will thank you for dining at Whataburger. This Texas staple is opening new locations nationwide, letting more people sample its tasty, fresh offerings.


Coffee lovers are struggling to justify Starbucks’ drink prices. As the world’s largest coffee chain, it dominates much of the fast-casual coffee market.

Dutch Bros

The Oregon-based Dutch Bros company is giving Starbucks a run for its money. Famous for its quirky, upbeat atmosphere, the drive-through chain has a similar variety of hot and cold coffees, teas, and more.

Panera Bread

While Panera Bread markets itself as a casual bakery-cafe chain, it’s one of the most expensive fast food options. Core menu items include soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Panera Ready-to-Heat

Stores like Walmart and Target sell Panera’s ready-to-heat soups for much lower prices. You can save several dollars on your lunch by picking up a soup container and enjoying it at home.


Chipotle specializes in Mexican burritos, bowls, and tacos. It charges premium prices to account for food preparation since all of its fresh ingredients are stored in-house.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

Consider switching to Qdoba Mexican Eats, a similar fast-casual option that’s easier on the wallet. Qdoba features a familiar selection of nachos, burritos, and bowls but is overall cheaper.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Since 1956, Jersey Mike’s Subs has been serving tasty hot and cold subs. The chain is famous for preparing its sandwiches Mike’s Way, with onion, lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar, and spices.


Subway is an excellent alternative when you crave a sub sandwich. While its regular size is a bit smaller, at six inches, you’ll save several dollars at Subway.

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