10 Ways to Slim Down at Lunchtime if You're 50+

Don't eat your lunch on the go—sit down at the table and take time to enjoy it.  "When a family sits down together, it helps them handle the stresses of daily life and the hassles of day-to-day existence,

Eat At the Table

Using your lunchtime to be social is important, especially if you're retired or work from home.  "People who eat together are more likely to have a ritual before, such as giving thanks.

Have Lunch With Friends

Studies show taking even a short walk after a meal can help lower blood sugar levels.

Take a Walk After Lunch

Try not to eat lunch in front of your computer, as you may get distracted into eating more than you intended.

No Screens

Studies show home-cooked meals are often healthier than eating out.

Eat a Home-Cooked Meal

Drinking in the middle of the day may slow you down and encourage eating foods you normally wouldn't have for lunch.

Skip the Cocktail

Experts say that skipping lunch can cause low blood sugar levels. "The brain depends on glucose for fuel," registered dietitian Amanda Spina tells Banner Health.

Don't Skip Lunch

Drinking water with your lunch will help digestion and metabolism. "Water is vital for good health," Michael F. Picco, MD, tells the Mayo Clinic.

Drink Water

Don't be tempted to eat at your work desk. "If you eat at your desk when you're distracted through working, and you're not giving yourself a proper lunch break.

Don't Eat At Your Desk

Studies show eating protein and vegetables before carbohydrates impacts insulin and blood sugar.

Eat Protein First

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