10 Traumatic Meals People Were Served as Children

Canned Salmon Casserole With Bone

A lonely person didn't find canned salmon dish comfortable. Their horrific experience originated from their mom leaving bones in the plate.

Traumatizing Liver and Onion Dinner

One unhappy soul found liver and onions a nightmare. When they smelled it cooking as a child, they cried.

Shrimp Tacos With Forced Tail Consumption

Shrimp tacos are tasty, but they remind sufferers of a childhood tragedy. They were chastised for not eating the shrimp tails and forced to eat them while eating tacos.

The 60s Parenting and Giant Milk Glasse

Many 60s youngsters had to eat their plates, no matter how much. One individual had to eat and drink a lot of milk.

Creamed Spinach Dilemma

Creamed spinach is a healthful side dish, but it traumatized a victim. Their mother's recipe made them dislike spinach for years.

The Tomato Trauma

A childhood food misunderstanding traumatized a sufferer. The person thought all red meals were dangerous after their doctor advised them to avoid red colors.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich Horror

One person recalled a traumatic lunch experience. A soft shell crab sandwich with crab eye stalks protruding from the bun disgusted the person.

Spaghetti Overload

Overdoing anything can be detrimental. After a church cook-off competition, a victim's mother brought home a lot of spaghetti.

Cat Food Prank Gone Wrong

One narrator explained that childhood trauma can be unexpected. Their older brother force-fed the narrator cat food.

Traumatizing Pea Soup Turtle Tale

One user noticed with pea soup that suggestion substantially affects food perception. Their dad or uncle informed them turtle soup was green soup.