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10 Totally Overpriced Fast Food Restaurants

Burger King debuted in 1954 with 18-cent burgers and shakes. Today, a medium Whopper, fries, and drink costs about $10.

Burger King

San Francisco sourdough starters started the St. Louis Bread Company in 1987. Multiple owners followed Panera. Some think it's overrated. "Early to mid-2000s was the golden Panera years," someone says. It's trash.


In 1965, Fred DeLuca and a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck, opened a sub sandwich shop that "served freshly-made, customizable, and affordable sandwiches," never expecting it to be successful. It's expensive. In my last footlong, bread, cheese, avocado, and salad cost $11.


"A smoothie should not cost more than $10," one reviewer said. The initial motto of Jamba Juice in 1990 was "eating better should be easy." It's too expensive for your budget.

Jamba Juice

Chipotle is vanishing fast, but if you can find one with huge amounts, it's great. Chipotle remains a bargain. If you order correctly, a fat burrito costs $10.


In the early 2000s, Vermont's late 80s burger business began franchising. They claim to use fresh, not frozen, ingredients, but does that justify the price?

Five Guys

KFC's founder, Colonel Sanders, appears on red and white signs in thousands of restaurants worldwide. It's famous for its 11-herb fried chicken.


Customers are at a disadvantage in airports. You must either pay what they are asking for or wait because you are hungry and have nowhere else to go.

Airport Food

Jimmy probably had no idea that over 3,000 stores and $2 billion in annual sales would become the norm when he decided to start a sandwich business instead of enlisting in the military in 1983.

Jimmy Johns

One person said Jack in the Box was cheaper than other fast-food restaurants, but another said, "Jack in the Box went from $5 combos to $12 combos in three years." Should you pay 140% more?

Jack in the Box