10 Things You Must Remove From Your Home Quickly


Plastic soap dispensers

Let's buy refillable glass soap dispensers in 2023.You might replace paper towels with fluffy hand towels and face cloths. 

Kitchen counter clutter

Make your kitchen a sanctuary this year. Think glass jars of biscuits, a chic coffee station, and a wall-mounted utensil rack.

Shampoo graveyard

New year is the time to organize bathroom storage. Consolidate shampoo dregs into a glass dispenser to refill when low.

An overcrowded hallway

Buy a cycle rack to store heavy bikes and wall-mounted coat hooks to save space. 

Bedroom electronics

Leave tweeting and news to the living room and sleep well.

Scented candles

You may not know that scented candles are dangerous.Replace candles with oxygen-breathing plants to improve air quality.

The chair wardrobe

Never assume a spare bedroom chair won't become a wardrobe pile in two days. Instead of hanging things in your wardrobe, it's too easy to dump them on a chair at night.

Quick furniture

It's tempting to browse online furniture store New Year bargains and get a velveteen living room set.

Piles of books

Stop buying new books before reading your old ones and discard what you don't need.Donate them to a charity store or community library to let others enjoy them and gain shelf space.

Office clutter and paperwork

Clear the slate for 2023's new normal of working from home. Get an accordion file and organize your invoices and household paperwork alphabetically, from gas bills to washing machine instructions.