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10 Things All Men Have Done at Least Once According To Other Men

Many men have likely tried different styles of facial hair, such as growing a beard, experimenting with different types of mustaches, or even shaving their faces completely.

Facial Hair Experimentation

Participating in sports activities, either recreationally or competitively, is something that many men have likely done at least once in their lives.

Engaging in Sports

Men often try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, whether it's fixing something around the house, assembling furniture, or working on a car.

Attempting DIY Projects

Engaging in video games, either with friends or online, is a popular pastime for many men, with competitive gaming being a common experience.

Competitive Gaming

Action movies tend to have a broad appeal, and many men have likely enjoyed watching action-packed films at some point.

Watching Action Movies

Men may have experimented with different hairstyles, whether it's growing their hair long, getting a buzz cut, or trying out various styling products.

Trying New Hairstyles

Many men enjoy the experience of grilling or barbecuing food, whether it's in a backyard setting or during social gatherings.

Grilling or Barbecuing

Men may have pursued various forms of physical exercise, such as weightlifting, running, swimming, or playing team sports, to stay fit and active.

Engaging in Physical Fitness