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Mixed Veggie Curry

This easy mixed veggie curry recipe is great for weeknight dinners and is an excellent way to get in lots of healthy vegetables. It also freezes well and is perfect for meal prep!

Shirataki Noodle Stir Fry

Shirataki noodles are high-fiber, low-calorie, and keto-friendly. It will satisfy your noodle needs so you stay low carb. It's also ready in 30 minutes!

Air Fryer Scallop

Air Fryer Scallops are an easy and tasty air fryer seafood dish! The outcomes of this simple dish are delicate and delicious.

Senegalese Peanut Stew

A spicy, creamy peanut and tomato sauce makes Mafe a popular African peanut stew. You'll love this delectable dish!

Goat Curry Recipe

This goat curry recipe uses veggies and a great blend of aromatic spices to create a mouthwatering dinner!

Sukuma Wiki

East African collard green, tomato, and spice dish sukuma wiki is wonderful. It helps you eat your veggies!

Keto Deviled Egg

Keto-deviled eggs are a great snack for low-carbers. Five ingredients and 20 minutes make creamy delight!

Fried Chicken Breast

I like chicken breast fried. Discover the best technique to cook juicy, flavorful chicken!

African Chicken Stew

Chicken thighs are cooked in a tomato-pepper sauce in this West African chicken stew. It's so versatile!

Shakshuka (African Poached Eggs)

Breakfast or brunch with this spicy tomato-based Shakshuka (North African poached eggs). Make shakshuka for one or the whole family!

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