10 Lighting Mistakes Not To Make


Single Light Source:  Relying on one overhead light can create harsh shadows. Use layered lighting with ambient


Wrong Placement:  Poorly placed lights can cause glare or shadows. Position lights thoughtfully to enhance visibility and comfort.


Incorrect Bulb Type:  Using bulbs with the wrong color temperature or brightness can affect the room's mood.


No Dimmers:  Fixed lighting levels limit flexibility. Install dimmer switches to adjust brightness and create different


Lack of Task Lighting: Insufficient lighting for specific tasks can strain your eyes. Add task lights in areas like kitchens


Bad Outdoor Lighting:  Overly bright or inadequate outdoor lights can be ineffective and unappealing.


Lining Choose the right lining for your needs—blackout for maximum light blocking, thermal for insulation, or standard


Ignoring Natural Light:  Not considering natural light can lead to over-illumination or dark spots.

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