10 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas


Natural Wood Elements: Incorporate wooden beams, cabinets, or shelves to add warmth and a rustic touch to your kitchen.


Farmhouse Sink A large, deep farmhouse sink made of materials like porcelain or stainless steel can be a focal point


Open Shelving Replace upper cabinets with open shelves made of wood or metal to display your rustic dinnerware


Vintage Appliances Consider using vintage or vintage-style appliances such as a retro-inspired refrigerator or a classic


Butcher Block Countertops: Install butcher block countertops for a practical and traditional farmhouse look.


Mason Jars and Glass Containers Use mason jars and clear glass containers to store pantry items like flour, sugar, and grains.


Farmhouse Lighting Opt for pendant lights with metal or wrought iron finishes, or even a chandelier with a rustic


Antique or Distressed Furniture Incorporate antique or distressed furniture pieces such as a farmhouse dining table

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