10 Elevated Paper Christmas Decorations

Paper Snowflakes Chandelier:Create intricate paper snowflakes and string them together to form a beautiful chandelier.

3D Paper Stars:Craft 3D paper stars in various sizes and colors. Hang them on the walls, from the ceiling

Paper Christmas Tree Centerpiece:Construct a 3D paper Christmas tree to use as a centerpiece on your dining table or mantel.

Accordion Paper Wreath:Fold accordion-style strips of paper and shape them into a wreath. You can use different shades

Paper Quilled Ornaments:Explore the art of paper quilling to create intricate and delicate ornaments. These can be hung on the tree

Cut Paper Garland:Cut festive shapes like stars, trees, or bells from colored paper and string them together to make a decorative garland.

Paper Poinsettia Flowers:Craft paper poinsettias in various sizes and colors. Use them to adorn your holiday table, wreaths, or even as gift toppers.

Luminous Paper Lanterns:Create elegant paper lanterns using translucent paper. Add LED tea lights inside for a warm and cozy glow.

Paper Gingerbread House Luminary:Craft a paper gingerbread house luminary by cutting out windows and doors. Place a small LED light inside to create a charming

Paper Mistletoe:Cut out mistletoe shapes from green paper and add small red paper berries. Hang this above doorway

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