10 Creative Ways to Store Your Cooking Tools

1. Be rebellious with ‘drawer’ organizer

A horizontal utensil organizer or individual storage bins can be utilized to line a shelf in a cabinet or pantry, even though they're usually employed for kitchen drawers.

2. Line open shelving with caddies and basket

If you don't have cabinet space, place open shelving on walls and line it with attractive flatware caddies, wooden canisters, or chunky glass jars—natural materials work well with most kitchen schemes.

3. Choose stylish countertop crocks for everyday utensil

In an ideal situation, you want to declutter worktops to make them as clear as possible, but when you lack modest kitchen storage solutions, be practical. If stored attractively, a few items you use often may be a valuable addition to a countertop.

4. Hang utensil

Kitchen shelves can be intimidating, so if you have a small kitchen, hanging your utensils on the wall may be a preferable small space storage solution.

5. Mount a magnetic knife rack

A wall-mounted magnetic strip may store ladles, whisks, tongs, and other "awkward" tools that tend to get stuck in drawers, as well as your knife collection.

6. Install pull-out cabinet

Pullout cabinets can be installed in unused areas between appliances and cabinets. They're perfect for longer implements like spatulas and slotted spoons, and they're easy to access when stored upright.

7. Invest in a rolling cart

If you're organizing a small kitchen with few drawers, it probably lacks storage and surface space. A portable kitchen island is worth it if so.

8. Make cabinets work harder

Cabinets have hidden utensil storage potential; with a little adjustment and a few helpful kitchen organizers, they can be just as useful as drawers.

9. Make the most of space outside the kitchen

You may rarely use novelty cookie cutters, egg slicers, and spiralizers. To free up room for ordinary items, put into baskets or plastic containers and store outside the kitchen or at least outside of prime storage spots

10. Customize a pegboard

Pegboards are not only a versatile kitchen storage solution, but they also have the added benefit of looking nice if you keep on top of organizing.