10 Cooking Hints You Should Know

Chill your cinnamon roll dough

Refrigerate the dough overnight before rolling and baking. Remember that the rolls must rise longer before baking.

Add barbecue sauce to ribs after cooking

Adding sauce after cooking the meat. Cooking ribs releases liquid that dilutes the sauce and prevents sticking. Instead, drain the slow cooker liquid and pour in the sticky sauce to evenly coat the ribs.

Remove cookies from the oven before they’re done

Cookies should not be overbaked. Take them out of the oven before you believe they're done because the residual heat will continue to cook them and make them perfect.

Jazz up frozen bread rolls

Don't have time to bake bread rolls? Buy unbaked frozen ones and flavor them. before sprinkling with melted butter, minced rosemary, and sea salt. Cook them.

Soak fries overnight and fry them twice

After slicing the potatoes into thin sticks for a crisper texture, soaks them in water overnight and then fried them twice when totally dried.

Stick to the rice pudding rules

Use medium-grain rice first. Use the same pan and never use long grain. rice pudding usually tastes better in a non-stick saucepan.

Give pancakes extra zest

Before frying pancakes, add lemon juice and zest for a citrusy flavor and a fluffy buttermilk texture. Always cook pancakes in melted butter.

Add oats to meatballs

Adds quick-cook oats and milk to the ground beef for extra bulk. They're almost like little meatloaf balls.

Add liquid smoke to beef brisket

Add a few teaspoons of liquid smoke to the marinade with beef consommé, lemon juice, chopped garlic, and soy sauce to give slow-cooked beef brisket a hickory taste. To ensure flavor absorption, refrigerate marinated meat for 24–48 hours.

Be patient with risotto

Risotto can easily go soggy or stick to the pan. stirring while adding one ladle of stock or broth at a time. Add the next liquid and stir when it's absorbed.